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The Harvest Man – Scotland Yard Historical Thriller
by Tim Potter
In in May 19, 2015

The Harvest Man, the fourth book in author Alex Grecian’s continuing series of Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad, is a fresh and, at times, brutal novel that further explores the characters and mythology of late-1800s London. This is the most accomplished novel in the series to date, expertly blending a fresh and self-contained plot while expanding on the characters and situations created in the earlier books. Read more.

The Harvest Man: A Conversation With Alex Grecian
by Mark Rubinstein
In The Huffington Post on May 18, 2015

Alex Grecian is the author of the Scotland Yard Murder Squad novels which include the New York Times bestseller, The Yard, The Black Country, The Devil’s Workshop and his latest, The Harvest Man. After leaving a career in advertising, Alex began writing fiction. He wrote comic books and co-created the critically acclaimed graphic novel series Proof. He has been nominated for the Barry Award, Strand Magazine Critics Award and has won others.

The Harvest Man is the fourth in the Murder Squad series. Set in 1890, Walter Day, a Scotland Yard Detective Investigator, has been sidelined with an injury inflicted by Jack the Ripper who is still terrorizing London. But a new monster has surfaced, the Harvest Man&hellips; Read more.

Mysteries: Murder and Other Deadly Sins
by Tom Nolan
In The Wall Street Journal. in May 15, 2015

Things are changing in the grubby city of London in 1890, setting for “The Harvest Man” (Putnam, 384 pages, $26.95), the fourth entry in Alex Grecian’s well-composed and nicely nuanced Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad series. But change is not always good. “Used to be,” one police inspector grumbles, “if a woman’s dead, her husband did it. Go nab him at his club and the job’s done. Now nobody’s got a reason for what they’re doing.” As a colleague comments: “Jack the Ripper opened a gate.” Now all manner of demented villains are emerging from the metropolis’s psychic shadows. Read more.

The Harvest Man – Scotland Yard Historical Thriller
by beckmank
In in May 4, 2015

Rating: 5/5 Stairs

Wow. The buildup on this book was amazing. The ending—I’m speechless. When does the next book come out?

For those unfamiliar with this series, we are transported back in time to 1890, London. Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad has their hands full; Jack the Ripper may have disappeared into thin air, but the dawn of the random serial killer has now arrived. The Harvest Man is the fourth in this series. Make no mistake, you can read it without having read the previous three books&hellips; Read more.

The Harvest Man
by Jeff Westerhoff
In The Historical Novels Review in May 2015

In the spring of 1890, Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad is still on the trail of Jack the Ripper, although Jack has not committed a murder recently. Now a new serial killer, nicknamed the Harvest Man, has been gruesomely killing families in their homes. Detective Inspector Walter Day, suffering from an injury after having been tortured by Jack, as described in an earlier book, takes part in the investigation. Read more.

Alex Grecian’s THE HARVEST MAN
by Jon the Crimespree guy
On on April 23, 2015

From the Buzz Bin

Another chapter in the ongoing tales of The Scotland Yard Murder Squad from Alex Grecian, HARVEST MAN (Putnam) is another great book from this new master of historical mysteries. The team is in disarray as DI Day is out with an injury and Hammersmith has been released from the force. This makes it a bit hard for them to chase a new serial killer who is proving to be relentless.Read more.

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