Lost and Gone Forever Reviews

Grecian’s latest a good addition to Victorian mysteries

By Lisa McLendon

Inspector Walter Day arrived several years ago in The Yard—as in Scotland Yard—on the trail of Jack the Ripper but finding plenty of other sordid killings to solve. At the end of the last installment, The Harvest Man, Day had gotten even closer to catching Jack, but then abruptly disappeared and hasn’t been seen for a year.

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Lost And Gone Forever Reviewed

By Bryan VanMeter

It has been a year since we have last seen the Murder Squad of Scotland Yard and much has happened. Nevil Hammersmith is no longer with the squad, due to a combination of a dogged persuit of Walter Day and several decisions that didn’t agree with the head of the squad. No one has seen Day for a year, but his friends and family haven’t given up hope. Worst of all, no one has sighted the infamous Jack the Ripper in the same amount of time, leaving the greatest villain of the Murder Squad roaming the streets. The stage is set for another amazing thriller by Alex Grecian.

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Book Review: Lost and Gone Forever by Alex Grecian

By The Genre Minx

Walter Day has been in captivity for a year by Saucy Jack aka Jack the Ripper, unbeknownst to all. Nevil Hammersmith formerly a Sergeant of the Scotland Yard has opened his own detective agency, funded by Claire Day, Walters’s wife, with one interest in mind, finding Walter Day. While Nevil is out searching for Walter, his agency is in the hands of Hatty Pitt, who is inspiring to be a detective herself. Knowing full well that being a woman detective is unheard of, that does not stop Hatty from taking on a missing persons case that will land her deep into the mystery surrounding Inspector Day’s disappearance. As all the pawns in this mystery scramble to find Walter, will they also be able to put an end to the infamous Saucy Jack once and for all?

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