Alex Grecian discusses The Devil’s Workshop

Alex Grecian discusses his new book, “The Devil’s Workshop,” at The Vero Beach Book Center.

Mystery author Alex Grecian appears in Vero

by Suzanne Fox
On on May 29, 2014


If you ever wondered what happened to Jack the Ripper, Alex Grecian can tell you.

The bestselling Kansas City-area author visited the Vero Beach Book Center last Wednesday night as part of the book tour for “The Devil’s Workshop,” published May 20 by Putnam.

The novel is the third installment in a series of historical mysteries based on the activities of Scotland Yard’s murder squad in the late 19th century.

In Grecian’s novel, “Saucy Jack” was caught—but not by official forces. Instead, he has been apprehended by a secret society called the Karstphanomen, which believes in a literal form of “an eye for an eye” punishment.

The Karstphanomen’s illustrious members keep Jack secretly confined so that they can inflict on him the same wounds he visited on his victims. At the novel’s opening, a prison break frees several convicted murderers, one of whom discovers Jack and releases him from captivity.
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