The Saint of Wolves and Butchers

From the bestselling author of The Yard, a chilling contemporary thriller about an enigmatic hunter on the trail of a Nazi who has secretly continued his devilish work here in America.

Travis Roan and his dog Bear are hunters: they travel the world pursuing evildoers in order to bring them to justice. They have now come to Kansas on the trail of Rudolph Bormann, a Nazi doctor and concentration camp administrator who snuck into the US under the name Rudy Goodman in the 1950s and has at last been identified. Travis quickly learns that Goodman has powerful friends who will go to any length to protect the Nazi; what he doesn’t know is that Goodman has furtively continued his diabolical work, amassing a congregation of followers who believe he possesses God-like powers. Caught between these men is Kansas State Trooper Skottie Foster, an African American woman and a good cop who must find a way to keep peace in her district–until she realizes the struggle between Roan and Bormann will put her and her family in grave peril.

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With THE SAINT OF WOLVES AND BUTCHERS (G. P. Putnam’s Sons; April 17, 2018), New York Times bestselling author Alex Grecian takes his work in an exciting new direction: this is a contemporary thriller with haunting ties to a dark past. Set on the Kansas plains, this masterfully plotted story involves a hunter of war criminals, a sharp-witted young African American female state trooper, and a sudden rash of unexplained, violent deaths. Infusing a fast-paced narrative with the same deep research that fueled his Scotland Yard Murder Squad historical thriller series, Grecian creates a gripping page-turner with unsettling relevance to the current rise of white nationalism in America today. As a Kansas native, Grecian adds an intimate understanding of the terrain and its people to his first novel set in the United States.

When Dr. Travis Roan arrives in rural Kansas, accompanied by his massive Tibetan Mastiff, Bear, the presence of this well-dressed, urbane man with a mysterious accent raises the suspicions of local law enforcement. But state trooper Skottie Foster, who recently relocated to her native state with her young daughter in tow, is more intrigued than distrustful. She trusts Roan when he tells her that he has come because an elderly local woman has reported seeing Rudolph Bormann, a ruthless doctor that she was forced to assist in his gruesome experiments in a Nazi concentration camp decades ago.

Travis receives a much less cordial welcome from the Burden County sheriff, Kurt Goodman, who wants no outsiders sticking their noses into local matters. Goodman looks at the odd deaths that have occurred in his normally peaceable territory—including a brutally murdered schoolteacher and a corpse found in a burning tractor on a rural highway—and he figures Roan must be to blame.

Against her better judgment—and the efforts of her fellow law enforcement officers—Skottie finds herself helping Roan. As they home in on Bormann’s identity and whereabouts, the peril becomes personal. Skottie is soon trapped between hunter and prey as Travis lays claim to his quarry and the community learns the shocking truth about the man called the saint of wolves and butchers.

With THE SAINT OF WOLVES AND BUTCHERS, Alex Grecian lends the same trademark storytelling gifts that have animated his Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad series to a wholly new time and place: America today.


Alex Grecian is the author of The Yard, a New York Times bestseller that was nominated for the Barry Award and the Strand Magazine Critics Award, and was named one of the best ten crime novels of 2012 by Kirkus Reviews; The Black Country; The Devil’s Workshop, named to Suspense Magazine‘s 2014 best-of-year list; The Harvest Man; and Lost and Gone Forever; as well as the critically acclaimed graphic novels Proof and Rasputin.

Praise for The Saint of Wolves and Butchers

“With his artistry of painting a sense of place and time, Grecian delivers a compelling, twisty story driven by fascinating characters. The Saint of Wolves and Butchers makes breathless, gripping, up-all-night reading.” —Nora Roberts

The Saints of Wolves and Butchers has it all—a vicious old Nazi hiding out in rural America; a tracker hard on his trail; and a State Trooper and single mom with a lot to lose, willing to put it all on the line. Add a hot-engine plot, dialogue that would make Elmore Leonard smile, and some Fast and Furious action and you have the perfect storm of a story: a can’t-put-it-down-until-I find-out-what-happens-next thriller.” —Lorenzo Carcaterra, New York Times bestselling author of Sleepers

“With Alex Grecian, you’re in the hands of a professional. Deft prose, a steady drip of suspense, a blood-soaked secret from another time: The Saint of Wolves and Butchers has what you want in a Grecian thriller. My prescription? Purchase and consume immediately.” —Gregg Hurwitz, New York Times bestselling author of Hellbent

“Alex Grecian is a consummate storyteller, and The Saint of Wolves and Butchers may be his finest work to date. Diabolical plotting, compelling characters, and razor-honed prose drive this thriller of old secrets and high stakes across eras and a beautifully rendered American landscape. Don’t miss it.”—Michael Koryta


★ “Enigmatic doesn’t do justice to the lethal vigilante Travis Roan [and] Foster is one of the most compelling female leads to hit the pages of crime fiction in a long time…A breathtaking thriller with plenty of action and some very clever twists, this is one of those stories where just when you think things can’t get any worse, they do; but the grimly satisfying conclusion makes it worth it for both characters and readers. Fans of David Baldacci and John Grisham will enjoy the unpredictability and unrelenting suspense.”Booklist, starred review


“Enthusiastic advance blurbs from Nora Roberts and Gregg Hurwitz don’t exaggerate; Grecian has written a gripping suspense novel and populated it with compellingly drawn characters.”

Library Journal (“Editors’ Spring Picks”)

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