Proof is a series of comics I co-created with artist Riley Rossmo. The story revolves around the main character John “Proof” Prufock who happens to be a sasquatch. Proof works for a top secret government agency, The Lodge,  hunting cryptids with his partner Ginger Brown.

Proof Books Available

Book 1: Goatsucker

El Chupacabra is a monster that uses the skin of its victims to disguise herself and becomes the first case for the newly-transferred Ginger Brown. The story takes place in Minnesota where all manner of cryptozoological creatures have been sighted.

Book 2: The Company of Men

Proof is sent on a mission to save a baby dinosaur from poachers in the Congo.

Book 3: Thunderbirds Are Go!

Ginger Brown and her fellow Lodge agent, Elvis Chestnut, venture into New York City. Meanwhile, Proof is in Illinois investigating sightings of the condor-like Thunderbird.

Book 4: Julia

Set in Victorian-era London and Russia, this story was the inspiration for my prose novel The Yard. The story reveals Proof’s past and is loosely based on the true-life history of Julia Pastrana.

Book 5: Blue Fairies

As a young fairy comes of age, he travels across the habitat of The Lodge to discover his heritage. Meanwhile, the body of The Dover Demon is found and the main suspect is El Chupacabra!

Book 6: Endangered

Proof finally confronts his archenemy: the brilliant and dangerous yeti, Mi-Chen-Po. Chinatown becomes a battleground for the final battle between the two legendary monster-men.


  • Proof: John Prufrock is a Bigfoot who works for The Lodge, a secret organization located in Washington. As a Bigfoot, he is vastly larger and more powerful than a human being. Proof is exceptionally cultured for a feral beast; he is often seen wearing expensive suits and custom-made shoes.
  • Ginger Brown: A young FBI agent, Brown is transferred to The Lodge after a fateful encounter with a golem in New York City. She is young and brash, and does not know what to make of Proof, who is her new partner.
  • Leander Wight: The wise head of The Lodge. He is kindly, but mysterious.
  • Elvis Aaron Chesnut: A small-town sheriff who joins The Lodge after El Chupacabra brings Proof to Minnesota.
  • Wayne Russet: The gameskeeper of The Lodge. Wayne is Proof’s best friend, and a surrogate ‘mother’ to many of the cryptids of The Lodge.
  • Autumn Song: The hard-hearted assistant to Wayne.
  • Mi-Chen Po: A mysterious yeti who has plans for Proof and Ginger.
  • Colonel Werner Dachshund: A villainous poacher who kills and devours cryptids.


  • Joe: An apparent golem living in New York City, Joe defends the city’s Jewish population.
  • The Dover Demon: An enigmatic and gangly creature, the Demon can foretell the future.
  • Nadine: Also known as El Chupacabra or The Mexican Bigfoot, Nadine skins humans and wears their skins as a disguise.
  • Passenger Pigeons: Birds, long thought extinct, which live in seclusion in The Lodge’s habitat.
  • Dodos: The last of their species, the friendly dodos live in The Lodge.
  • Jackalopes: These horned rabbits are kept with the dodos.
  • The Cottingley Fairies: Vicious beasts that resemble small winged women, they are kept behind glass for the safety of the staff. Three male fairies (gigantic in size) are kept in seclusion.
  • Gnomes: Tiny, meat-eating creatures that resemble senior citizens.
  • Brownies: Hairy little creatures with hostile intent.
  • Mokele-Mbembe: An apatosaurus-like dinosaur that live harmlessly in The Congo.
  • Thunderbirds: Gigantic, vulture-like birds that are capable of snatching children.

Collected editions

  • Book 1: Goatsucker (collects Proof #1-5, 128 pages, June 2008, ISBN 1582409943)
  • Book 2: The Company Of Men (collects Proof #6-9, 128 pages, December 2008, ISBN 1607060175)
  • Book 3: Thunderbirds Are Go! (collects Proof #10-16, 144 pages, July 2009, ISBN 1607061341)
  • Book 4: Julia (collects Proof #18-23, 128 pages, July 2010, ISBN 1607062852)
  • Book 5: Blue Fairies (collects “Proof” #24-28, 128 pages, December 28, 2010, ISBN 1607063484)
  • Book 6: Endangered (collects Proof: Endangered #1-5, 128 pages, June 28, 2011, ISBN 1607063913)

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