The Devil’s Workshop Book Reviews

by Kirkus staff
On on April 3, 2014

A historical thriller that moves quickly and surely, bringing Jack the Ripper back from the realm of nightmare to the streets of London.

Exitus probatur—the ends are justified—is the pass code into a secret society of avengers drawn from the cream of Victorian society. Read more.

Giving the Devil His Due: A Review of Alex Grecian’s The Devil’s Workshop
by Brandy L. Schillace
In The Huffington Post on May 12, 2014

I once lived near a wood haunted by the Devil.

I was twelve or so, I think, and my brother was eight. Something black and strange lived in the thicket, something with red eyes. Later years taught me to speculate: perhaps it was a bear, or a large dog, or a trick of the light. What remains quite clear, however, is the experience of fear in its purest form–a nameless horror that left a gaping hole of ragged terror behind. Read more.

Jack The Ripper Returns in “The Devil’s Workshop”
by jaclynder
In The Book Adventures on May 16, 2014

My rating: I’d go there again! (4/5)
I’m not generally one for mysteries, but there’s something about those set in a historical period that keeps me coming back for more. I discovered Alex Grecian a few years ago when I won book 1 of The Murder Squad series in a Goodreads giveaway, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting each installment since then. Read more.

The Devil’s Workshop by Alex Grecian
by My Bookish Ways (Kristin Centorcelli)
On on May 18, 2014

Note: No spoilers for this one, but may be some minor spoilers of the two previous novels(The Yard, The Black Country)—The Devil’s Workshop is another fantastic novel in Alex Grecian’s superb Scotland Yard Murder Squad series. HM Prison Bridewell has just suffered an unfortunate breach in the form of a runaway locomotive, setting loose a handful of brutal killers from their prison cells. Read more.

The Devil’s Workshop by Alex Grecian
by Cathy
On on May 20, 2014

First Line: The white canvas hood covered his nose and eyes and ears, but there was a slit near the bottom of it for his mouth.

Each step of the prison breakout was meticulously planned, including the four vicious murderers who were selected to escape. But the plan has gone wrong, and those four killers are now loose in London, each looking to carry out his own agenda. It’s going to take Inspector Walter Day, Sergeant Nevil Hammersmith, and everyone else on Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad working full-out to catch them all. Read more.

Book Review – Alex Grecian’s “The Devil’s Workshop”
by Elise Cooper
On on May 23, 2014

Alex Grecian’s latest book, The Devil’s Workshop, has a thrilling plot with notorious characters. This is the third book in the series out of six. The plot takes place in London during the 1890s with a theme comparing law and justice. It is more of a “who done it” than an actual mystery since the readers know the villains and their deeds. Read more.

‘The Devil’s Workshop’: dark crimes in Victorian times
by Oline H. Cogdill
In Sun Sentinel on May 24, 2014

“The Devil’s Workshop” by Alex Grecian, a dark and absorbing novel about a series of vicious murders in Victorian England, works as a police procedural as well as historical fiction. Read more.

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